What you can expect out of this blog

High school really made me hate reading (which I am going to future blog post), and for the last few years I have hardly been reading any books at all. Last year I think I read about 25 books if you count school books and books that I read for dungeons and dragons (which in some sense don’t exactly count). And the year before that I read 5 books, ONLY 5 BOOKS and that is including school books and also a graphic novel, Watchmen (which is actually one of my favourites). So in other words, I have not been reading much at all. But this year I have read 36 books yay go me! I know for some people that isn’t much but for me that is literally so many books and the year isn’t even over. I think I’m probably going to do another book post about why I fell out of love with reading and how I fell in love again. Oooh look at me making all these promises! Let’s hope that I keep them all. Well actually lets hope that I actually keep writing blog posts.

So what I want to do with blog is chronical my journey deep driving into fantasy and science fiction. I want to read all the greats such as every single Ursula Le Guin book to ever exist (it will happen!), Isaac Asimov, Philip K Dick, Robert Jordan etc. But I also want to read new/current fantasy and sci-fi authors such Seanan McGuire, every single Brandon Sanderson novel (this will also happen!), Mary Robinette Kowal etc. And I want a place to write about it. I have been member of the booktube /book blogging / book reviewing community for at least four years now, I mean as a watcher/ reader and I have always really loved it. And since I’m wayyyyy too shy to film myself, I thought I would start a blog instead.

This blog will probably have occasional book reviews, but I want it more as a place to talk about books in a general sense rather than just primarily reviewing books. If you want to read individual reviews on most of the books I have read I post them on my goodreads. I think I might do monthly wrap ups, those are always fun, so that’s probably the most likely form to see book reviews on this blog. I’ll try to make them short but we will see, I do love to ramble as you have probably realised if you have read this far. I honestly have no expectations for any one to read this blog. I’ll be very proud of myself to be perfect honest if I actually keep blogging a month from now.

Artwork: The Sower Arles by Van Gogh